A/V Interactive Self Portrait

The goal is to make an interactive self portrait project with HTML’s built-in audio/video tags. I immediately thought of the famous Black Mirror: Bandersnatch series, where audience could choose different storyline along the way. In my version, I still placed different choices across the video, but they all lead to the same ending. By using the pause, play, and get frame attribute, the audience either skip through some scenes, or played through all of them.

For future iterations, I might make use of the play back rate, loop, or poster attributes.

For the assignment on researching live streaming platform, I looked into LiveAF, an app created particularly for live streaming. It was quite popular in Taiwan before, but I was not really into it back then.

As we can see in some of the screenshots, I would say they have a  straight-forward home page. User choose from the different streamer they are interested in. They can enter the room and learn more about the topic or streamer. Streamer could deliberately talk about anything. Fans can send messages through the live chat, these are visible to the streamer and other fans as well. Fans also have option to do in-app purchase and buy valuable stuff for the streamer. The live-streaming platform will then turn them to cash for streamers.