Avatar Creation

1. Zepeto
The first app I used to create my self-portrait was this Korean app I mentioned during the first class. You start by taking a snapshot of yourself. The app then generates one that it thinks look like you. This could further be customized into your own preference.

Hands-on review:
– Robust customization system! You can either select from the wide-range of pre-made models or user their interactive sculpting method to make changes. Aside from the face features, they also let user have fashion items and house decorations that goes with their avatars. The app occasionally release holiday special make-ups, clothes, and accessories.

Other Impressive Feature:
– AR Camera. User can utilize the camera and map the avatar to their own body.
– Photobooth. User can put their own avatar and other people into a series of
photo and video templates.

2. Adobe Fuse

I started with an Asian-looking avatar, and try to customize it. Adobe Fuse has several sliders to tweak your face and body parts. You can even choose emotions for them.

After playing it for half an hour, I still could not get it to look like me, or even just to make it look pleasant to the eyes. She looks so old! I guess it would be nice if they could add an age variant? The clothes were quite limiting too, I wonder how different you can make them look by changing the textures on it.

Thoughts on Readings:
I would not argue that game addiction is similar with that of alcohol or drug addiction. But I did not realize there was a whole theory behind how human body reacts to these agent.