Data Portrait – Collecting Materials

For the data collection phase, I chose to source from the following materials to unveil some facts about me:

1. Refrigerator
The datas collected will be used to determine whether or not I am a healthy eater.

Reference: MONTEIRO, Carlos Augusto et al. A new classification of foods based on the extent and purpose of their processing. Cad. Saúde Pública [online]. 2010, vol.26, n.11 [cited  2019-09-09], pp.2039-2049. Available from: <>. ISSN 0102-311X.

2. Emails
The datas collected across my four email accounts. This will determine whether or not I am an active respondent.

3. Expenses
My living expenses over the past year in United States. This will show the things I spend on and how much I spent.