Final Project Proposal

Chenhe, Lanni, and I decided to work together for our final project. The prompt is to create something for the pandemic lifestyle. We come up with three big concepts with some potential objects/devices that we will be making.

Concept 01

Possible objects include:

  • Vacuum Sculptures – vacuum that turns dusts into work of art
  • Mouse Iron – working on computer and ironing at the same time
  • Wind-driven Mini Vinyl Player – sound of nature at your window
  • Air Ga-Cha Home – gachapon machines that contains encapsulated air from different locations
  • Soft Computer Keyboard – pillow + keyboard for a more comfortable sleep during work time
  • Fidget Coffee Grinder – grind coffee beens with your shaking legs
  • Nature Cushion – aromatic cushion that emits smell and air when hugged
  • Toilet Paper Strip Music Box – music triggered when bath tissues are torn

Concept 02

Possible objects include:

  • Door + automated human wash – three-step sterilization setup on door entrance
  • Door + stretch wrapper – add extra layer of protection before stepping out the house

Concept 03

Possible objects include:

  • Hand slapping machine – fake hand that slaps if door knob is touch
  • Sticky doormat trap – sticks your feet in place