Getting FBX into Unreal

For this week, we get some of our character animations into Unreal Engine.

Thoughts on Readings:
1. The Truth About Video Games and Gun Violence
I saw this chart from Vox the other day that clearly illustrates the revenue of video games and gun death incident are not necessarily related.

The article also reminds me of a debate we had in Taiwan a few years ago. People in the legislative council are trying to implement red-light districts across country as they said it will aid in the increasingly sexual assault and rape incident. But others argue that these two things are not related and pushing the laws forward may undermine public morality.

2. To All the Sims I’ve Killed Before
I guess the fun part of breaking the game is always fascinating. Just like in a collaborative drawing canvas, you will always expect someone to draw something inappropriate or outside of the scope. They even have a syndrome for this called TTD, Time to Dick or Time to Penis, A phrase used to calculate how long it takes for someone to post a dick joke.

“We don’t let toddlers burn to death” one player suggested as if killing a kid is any different than taking the life of something else. I also notice that it is quite rare for a movie to kill a kid, even in a horror movie.

3. Modders Keep Finding Ways to Make GTA V’s Violence More Intense
The use of classical music over brutal scene.
Kingsman Head Blown Scene