Google Home Alone

Data art’s midterm requires us to create a project from archival images or texts. During our first brainstorming session, Sid, Rui, and I come up with some topics and technologies that we are interested in, some of these were:
1. ITP Thesis Archive
2. Train delay time (aka when does MTA fuck up)
3. Word of the year per country
4. Google auto-complete

I remember seeing an interview series where celebrities answer people’s most asked questions about themselves. We think it will be fun to see what people search for themselves instead.

First, we scraped a lists of most used verbs from the 7ESL website. Then we combine it with the “5w1h” to construct a basic question. These returns results starting with who, what, where, when, why, and how.

To our surprise, there were a handful questions regarding relationships, be it with their partner, family, or friends. We decided to feed the result to Google Home and have the virtual assistant ask us the question we asked it for.

Final Output:

Relevant Project:
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