iBall – so you can always be there

For this week, we were asked to critic on a topic related to technology. Pedro gave each group some extra constrains to work on. For us, it was:

    • Attribute: Playful
    • DeviceAbsurdity
    • Mood: Shame

Idit and I decided to make an object concerning mass surveillance. On our first meeting, she came up with the idea of using eyeball to watch back to those who surveil us. I think the idea was interesting, and it matches the constraint of being playful and absurd. But we also thought the form of an eyeball was too predictable.


We then saw these images, and use it as reference for the foundation to our project, (left) gumball machine and (right) eye-shaped candy. After setting with the theme, we did our research hunting for the components. Idit happened to have a gumball machine at home! How wonderful is that! Adafruit has some mini spy camera and TFT display which could be useful. We bought both the sensor but found out that the result was not that ideal nor impactful, plus it was not very stable. The mini spy camera can take photos, but it’s all stored on a microSD card. The TFT only displays a pair of goggly eyes.


We scheduled office hour with Pedro, and he told us about RC camera commonly used for drones. It gives live feed within a certain range and does not require any programming at all!

For some reasons, we were having a hard time matching the right channel for the camera and receiver. Each time we reconnect the power, we would have to search through the different channels . We then noticed that the frequency range would show up for a split seconds when the receiver is attached to my phone app FPViwer, top left of the screen. We try to tune it with the chart given in the instruction sheet and now it works like a charm.

Idit excels in fabrication. She created the eyeballs using paint and plastic spheres. The result was phenomenal.

Final Product: