ICMadness – Love Forecast

For week-10, all first-years were gathered at the floor for an ICM workshop. We were paired in groups of three to work on a random project. All project ideas are generated here.

Dana, Carol, and I decided to spin the wheels individually on our computer and choose the one we most like. We then agreed to work on “Make a project about LOVE┬áthat RANDOMLY GENERATES with WEATHER DATA” because it sound fun.

Fortunately, Carol was able to work with a weather API before, so we don’t have to start everything from scratch. We quickly looked into the parameters for weather data and supply it with datas related to love.
1. Chance of rain = chance of love
2. Humidity level = clinginess level
3. Wind pressure = obstacle to your relation
4. Average temp = Overall quality and healthiness

We further wrapped the whole concept under a forecast telling love slit, and included a “suggestion” section for users such as “Put your lucky coat today”, “Red flag warning”,”Possible heat waves” and so on. The result look something like this.

It was a fun and educational experience, knowing what people could come up with in just two hours.

Full Code