New You Times

For Data Art finals, Sid and I decided to critique on data privacy, how they are collected and sold by portraying the whole scenario in an exaggerated manner. The project is made into both online and offline experience. For online version, we made a Chrome extension that would log each individuals’ browser history when they visit New York Times website. For offline, we printed a hard copy of it.

By using chrome.history API, we were able to access the record of visited pages. The object returned for each data set has an unique Id, last visit time, title, url, and visit count. We only took the information that matters, which is title, URL, and the last visit time. We then targeted NYTimes url, so the browser knows when to split our data out once the user is there.

For future iteration, we look forward into:
1) segregating each data set into different sections, food, travel, style, video, etc
2) incorporating the data into different news publications such as Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNN, and more.

Github page: