Quarantine-inspired Final Project Zine

In one of our group discussion, the biggest problem that came up was the increase time spent in front of our computer, now that all activities are limited indoor.

Some of the inspiration we drew from are:

  • Tatsuya Tanaka – using everyday objects in an unexpected way
  • Hello Jongerius – combining two-in-one imagery
  • Pomodoro timer – healthier work method
  • Temporary Blindness – problem relevant to people with glasses
  • Face Hydration

On top of these, we also decided to approach this problem by modify existing home appliances. The most relevant appliances are probably computer monitor, keyboard, or mouse. The final solution was to create a two-in-one keyboard that sprays mist to temporary blind you while keeping you hydrated.

We ordered a mist maker from Amazon, but worried that it would not arrive in time. For the sake of the assignment’s deadline, we built a look-like prototypes first. Our sketches mainly focus on where to put the mist maker. Chenhe and I happened to have some left-over cardboard and foam board at home, so we made two versions.

Tech Diagram:

As we expected, the mist maker arrived after the presentation. But we changed the mist idea based from the feedbacks we got in class. We decided to make a silicon bubble wrap that inflates and deflates according to the time limit.

This is how the final zine look like.