Scanning with itSeez3D

Within this semester, I had three attempts scanning my body. The first time I did it was with Lydia for our Social VR class. During that time, we did not know much about the scanning process, lighting requirement, nor the poses we need to have. We find random objects on the floor and attached them to ourself.

My second scan was done by Hayk. I was wearing an ITP Camp shirt which I find pretty distracting after. I end up removing those words in Photoshop. The texture was hard to edit since the UV map was not separated into different body parts as what we would see in other 3D software. I am very excited to see how to clean up the mesh.

For this last scan with Son, Anna, and Bora, I was able to get a better scan I like. Even though the software gives you feedback on whether or not you are too far from the object, I do not think it matters as match as the scanning speed. If you move too fast when scanning, you would most likely have a bad result (missing / double body parts). Moving too fast screws up the calculation of the structure sensor.

Thoughts on Readings:

Hollywood’s Post-Biological Future Where Actors Can Perform After Death
“While killing is very simple, kissing is very hard.” I once heard a foreign director said that he will never have his cast wear colored contact lenses. Because it prevents their emotions from flowing.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
In the article it was said that the publicity right only lasts for 70 years after an actor’s death. I often wonder how they come up with these numbers. And also, who can speak of their rights after they are dead. Does your descendants have the right to sell your identity?