From last week’s playtest, we were particularly surprised that the kids were engaged in the game too much that they failed to notice the accompanying sounds. To amplify the play experience, we decided to recreate a different output of the sound system.

While researching, we saw a few projects that uses solenoids to produce music. We got a few of those and tested it with different materials. The outcome was fascinating.

The following day we play tested it with kids from Tisch’s Bring Children to Work Day. Since it was assured that they love moving around,¬†we decided to focus the play-test with just the sounds,


  • The kids were curious on the exploration of materials
  • They were challenged to test every single pieces out
  • Younger kids were not as attached with our toys
  • Kids were easily distracted with the other toys in the same room, since they all produce sounds
  • There was not any clear goal or purpose of the toy
  • When asked which sound they like most, they all, 100%, without hesitation, went for the fastest one


  • More visual elements
  • Clearer goals of the game, promote collaboration or self-exploration