Spacial AR – Shower Room Scenic Projection

I was looking for some white object to project things on to, then I figure out my bathroom has nearly whole white interior. I then thought of an exhibit I went earlier this year at Cooper Hewitt Museum, the Scenic wallpaper, Sea Beauties, 1920–1935. It is a three panel painting mounted around the walls for people in older days to enjoy their shower time.

Photo credit to Gail Worley, read her blog

I decided to recreate the visuals with TouchDesigner, keeping basic elements like fish and water. The two tutorials I found helpful in visualizing the effect I want are Topographic Grainy Noise and Refractions. For the fish models, I downloaded some free resources from cgtrader.

I had a problem figuring out the resolution along the way which makes the end result pixelated. For the future, I hope to add more sea creatures and make it as three inter-connected panels projected onto each side of the wall, but still have the fish swim freely across them.

Figuring out the setup for the projections.