Subway Gardening

Living in New York, we get to enjoy the twenty-four seven service of MTA. People ride on them on a daily basis, to get to work, school, home, and other places. We spent a big amount of time inside, but never really enjoyed the space. It’s gloomy, stinky, and lifeless.

What if we could make the space more interesting to commuters? How can we make use of new technologies and bring more life to it. Maia and I decided to work on this project, a project about Subway Gardening.

From the photos we took, we found great potential on it. It’s spacious, has all-day (artificial) light, and even a guaranteed power supply.

After the observation, we decided to recreate a hydroponic, self-sustained system for plants to grow. Here’s a few sketches we had.

The system must:

  • Build on existing subway structure
  • Supply light, water, and nutrients needed in a photosynthesis