Tasty ITP edition

I love watching Tasty videos. They were always relieving to watch. Shivani, Sachiko, and I decided to make an ITP edition for our stop motion project.

First, we think of the recipes we could make under three minutes. Because who are we kidding? ITP students do not have time to cook a proper meal. Then we write down random things we could use to substitute our ingredients. For example, post-it notes as cheese, baby powder as salt, sand as pepper, and so on.

We seen most food preparation videos shot on a top view angle, so we set the camera the same way to capture the whole process. In a span of three dishes, we shot nearly 500 frames, with 12 frames being one second.

Reference shot: Tasty Japan

Top View Set:

Here is the final video.

Thoughts and future plans:
We really love the idea of putting ITP found elements into the dish. It helps set the mood and illustrate the fact that students spare their time eating as they do their projects.