Tickle My Tummy Candy Dispenser

Halloween is such a huge thing in States that even our PCOM midterm revolves around the theme. Which is weird for me and my group mate Arnab, because we never really get to celebrate it back in our countries. We heard that there is even a Halloween parade coming up this week, and streets will be shut down partially.


The initial idea for the project was based on the hammer game. But instead of hitting the target as hard as you can with a hammer, you squeeze it.

Breaking down the component of the hammer game, we have:
1. a input where force is detected
2. a visual and audio output to represent the force (a.k.a score)
3. a reward

With the components listed above, we then decided to make it a candy dispensing machine to have it more relevant to Halloween.


After setting our idea, we quickly went to production. We were able to talked with a few people who had similar projects before, namely Lola, Cammy, and Armitabh. Lola lent us a  MPX 5010 air pressure sensor which we tested on stress ball, enema, and silicon. Enema and silicon works surprisingly well since they both have a hallow space inside.

We decided to customize our own shape by 3D-printing a mold and casting it with silicon. Cammy recommended us to get the Smooth-on Eco-flex 00-30 on it. We got it from the Compleat Sculptor. They have all variations and samples of the silicon.

After getting the sensor to work. We worked with the lights, audio, and motor, and fabrication.