Wrap3 – cleaning mesh

For this week, we brought the avatar into Wrap3 to have a cleaner mesh. The scan reveals bad posture of me like how my chin are misalign in center line, and my right thigh is higher than my left thigh.

I then bring this to Wrap3 and have it wrap with a base mesh.

The first wrap result did not end well because I forgot to mask out the mouth bag. I looked like a freaking toad!! I also deselected the outer area of the eye.

Final result of the wrap. You could see the misalignment on the eyes I suspect this was cause by insufficient reference point.

The texture clean up before and after. I tried to use Photoshop to clean some parts of it.

Rigging and animating in mixamo.

Thoughts on Readings:
1. How to distinguish a men behind a women avatar?
– Ways people come up with including observing avatar walk. According to research, men are more likely to stay away from groups, and jumps 2x more than women.
2. Do we even need gender in the virtual world?